The Golden Joinery

A collection of work by London-based illustrator and graphic designer, Chad Manzo.

The Adventures Of Palachan

Key responsibilities: Development of in-game assets which include logo design, character key frames, storyboard, map, and user-interface.

Toshiba reached out to me and asked for illustrations/graphic elements needed for their Facebook game, The Adventures Of Palachan.

I wound up doing all sorts of output from logo, map, character animation sequences, storyboards, and vignette illustrations. Although the gameplay has a fairly simply hangman approach, there were so many important elements needed. This project had a very tight deadline so I ended up not sleeping in at least 3 weeks. Talk about hard work and dedication. Peep the screens below.

Official game logo and welcome screen; seeing how the logo can be applied to a splash/loading screen of sorts.

This "expression" set was introduced to cut back on the time needed for production, so my idea was to have a ubiquitous set of expressions that can be applied with all 5 characters. Worked like a charm.

Animation sequences for "winning" or getting the answer right. Each character had a personality, each action is tailored to fit the character's vibe and potential habits.

This was for when characters lost the game.

the MAP!

A few of the cutscenes I made to develop the story line in the game:

All you see above is all done strictly in AI since I had no idea what language/program the game would be developed. My best option was definitely to produce EVERYTHING in vector format. ;) The game I think is still playable, but have no idea who won the real-world prizes linked with completing the game. My only wish was to have played this. Ha! Didn't have enough free time to do so. Boo. Enjoy!
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