The Golden Joinery

A collection of work by London-based illustrator and graphic designer, Chad Manzo.

The Sartorial Zone

A personal project consisting of 24 illustrations combining two of my key interests : Fashion and childhood nostalgia. Each piece marries key commonalities between the show and the designer/brand.

This project was hosted primarily on my Instagram and gained enough attention that it was featured on Highsnobiety.

For updates on what I'm currently doing, follow me on Instagram: @chadmanzo

For commissions:

Nigo/BAPE x Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin Klein x Mortal Kombat


Lacoste x Denver The Last Dinosaur

Christian Dior x Barbie

Dolce and Gabbana x Beavis and Butthead

Hiroshi Fujiwara/Fragment x Thundercats

Goro's x Silverhawks

Ralph Lauren/POLO x Johnny Bravo

Kanye West/TLOP x Mr. T

Karl Lagerfeld x Garfield

Martin Margiela x Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Gosha x He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe

Raf Simons x The Simpsons

Rei Kawakubo/Comme Des Garcon x Jem & The Holograms

Rick Owens x Beetlejuice

James Jebbia/Supreme x Centurions "Power Supreme"

Tommy Hilfiger x GIJOE

Versace x Visionaries

Vetements x Super Contra

Virgil Abloh/OFF-WHITE x Where's Waldo

Anti Social Social Club x Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Tom Ford, Jerry Lorenzo/FEAR OF GOD x Tom and Jerry


Yohji Yamamoto/Y3 x Sesame Street

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