The Golden Joinery

A collection of work by London-based illustrator and graphic designer, Chad Manzo.

The Cycle of Breaking & Repair

Design Methodology

The world is entirely built piece by piece. This is a known fact approved by Science, and is the primary basis for all matter and life. Defined as molecules and atoms, these broken pieces link together to form bonds, creating miracles.

Concepts, or rather ideas, have the same theoretical make-up. Our ideas are all bits and pieces of information, floating across time, space, and over all our heads. 

To those who are not familiar of Kintsugiit is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique - from Wikipedia.

Philosophically, there is a much higher value in the reparation, not just because of a new appearance, but of an evolution. A rebirth from death.

So how does this translate to design? By conceptually breaking down information and inspiration, these raw ideas can then be used to form parts of a new visual solution to communication problems.

But these parts do not form by itself. It needs a good pair of hands, and a discerning eye. This is where Chad Manzo comes in. He is both the gold lacquer and the artisan that glues together different concepts, ideas, and problem solving- all in one - creating unique visual solutions.

Nothing in this world now is purely original. The key lies in breaking down the world, and reprocessing the broken pieces. Welcome, to the remix.

Welcome to The Golden Joinery.

- C

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